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How Twilight Should Have Ended.. and Tron 2 Goes Viral
Self Portrait
First up, your moment of zen:

Now that I have your attention, it appears that the promotions for TRON 2 ("TR2N") is going viral, in conjunction with goings-on at ComicCon this year. A more complete writeup is here citing a mysterious encoded .gif file and actual "Flynn's Arcade" tokens. There's also a Flynn Lives site, suggesting that Kevin Flynn took his rightful place as a Steve Jobs like figure at ENCOM, only to drop off the face of the planet.

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I've been waiting 20 some-odd years for the TRON sequel!

And I'm digging the alternate reality game feel of the promo. Can't wait to see what else pops up. :)

Yeah, serious fingers-crossed on this movie. It's got a lot to live up to, but looks promising, so far. BTW - have you seen this new preview?

Yes. I even watched the fan edits and music videos over on youtube. Jeff Bridges. Subtle changes in art direction. I'm loving every second of it.

Vampires do not sparkle. Ever.

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