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Self Portrait
Somewhere along the way, my cat decided that she had full run of the place and could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. And sadly this was true. She's too fast, too smart, too determined and simply doesn't sleep for long enough for me to keep up. Clawing, gnawing and meowing incessantly whenever things don't go her way - and then the occasional temper tantrum when I draw a line by putting a toy away or say "NO" sternly enough.

That is until yesterday.

I ordered two vibration-sensing alarms and one ultrasonic "clicker" to help gain the upper hand. Credit goes to dmcindc for suggesting both. I placed the alarms on some trouble spots - a table she was clawing and the second desk that she kept jumping on - and made a point to demonstrate how awful these things sound. So far, she only tripped one sensor. Smart kitty.

As for last night, I kept the ultrasound clicker next to my pillow. As much as I adore how cute she can be with getting my attention at night (nuzzling my hand, soft meowing noises, etc.) I can't afford the interruption in sleep this causes. So each time she did something disruptive, I hit the switch. You could feel the cat's entire body tense instantly through the mattress, followed by an explosive bound off of the bed to the floor, and a mad dash out the room.

Honestly, I can't recall having rested so well.
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Ok I have several bad spots! Please email me the links/ info for these wonderous toys!!

I will have to check these out at home.

Yup, that is both of them. People wonder why my cats behave so well around company, and those training devices are why.

(Deleted comment)
Remote-activated shock collars work a treat too, from what I've read anyway. But honestly, this ultrasonic buzzer works better than I could have imagined. It's like the worst sound in the world to dogs and cats - and us humans can't hear it.

I wonder how these work for dogs? My 13 year old pups are trying to retrain me, and I'd like to turn the tables. Gently ;)

While I'm no pet expert by any stretch, I'm pretty sure that dogs will object to the ultrasound clicker. The vibration alarms are another issue since they're obnoxious, but human-audible.

I'll have to check it out!

occurs to me it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of running into you--hope to again soon, at the gaming table or dance hall or otherwise ;)

There's always the "close the bedroom door" method.

Tried that. Cat clawed the shit out of the carpet as if she could tunnel under it, meowed for an hour like she was being trampled and then clawed some paint off of the door. In the beginning I wanted to train her to not sleep in the bed, but I was overruled when someone lacked the wherewithal to break her of the habit as a kitten; she put up quite a fuss then too.

Mine does the exact same thing when I try to shut her out.

ANY barrier in this house undergoes the same treatment unless I'm actively IN the shower- and sometimes even then. :P Ouna's the worst w/barriers, but you should see them both when I'm outside on the deck/porch! One yowls desperately as if her life is ending, & the other mows like he's in mortal terror, while boxing & air-digging the glass. *lol* It's sad- and yet..completely hilarious... :D

If I'm outside long enough, I just end up w/2 fluffy silhouettes on the other side of the barrier, sleeping n' waiting for me to come back. :)

Aww, that last image is really cute. :)

Did this cyber-solution include the previously discussed entertainment module? I do hope kitty is well-behaved AND fulfilled. As opposed to just bored AND scared. (Not a lecture just a question.)

Am glad someone finally came up with an effective training tool for cats. I've had some real problem cases in my past. Some felines never learn no matter the persistence nor the age one begins with them.

No, cat is quite well entertained. Although I get the gist I could always do better in this area.

In fact, we had a rousing game of fetch last night. And on occasion we box/spar. But I think I've made it clear that 3AM is not a good time to go play "chase".

No, not a good time at all. Cats are nocturnal in nature, and short nappers besides, so it's hard (for me) to be angry at them for being true to their nature. Still, one must have proper to sleep to function well.

Was interested in the laser game you were talking about setting up for her to stay occupied while you are at work. Seems like a great idea if you can sort the engineering. Wouldn't mind seeing that in action. In fact, it could be entertaining from a human perspective to watch the interaction.


A self-contained laser toy might honestly make me obsolete in my household. Next to (supervised, of course) string, lasers + Ouna = total, unmitigated crack. :)

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Did you ever get a chance to try some of the feliaway?

Not yet. That's next on my shopping list. :)

while i can totally appreciate where you're coming from (and congrats for finding a humane way to tame the kitty) i must say that i could never, ever do this. my reasons are multi:

to truly embrace the crazy cat lady lifestyle, you can't actually get a good night's sleep. their comfort comes first, period. they are not our pets. we are their staff.

there are those who choose to rail against this, demanding that their cats are their pets. i simply disagree. i am ashley's staff, even in her absence. mclovin has taken her place in the meantime, and while he and i struggle for position in the house, he and akuma get right of way on the bed and all too often i find myself shoved aside in the night. i've accepted this as the general course of things, and training for my career goal.

and my guidence councler said there was no such training. proved his ass wrong.

I don't really miiiiind having my kitties hang out w/me on the bed, but lately my two furballs have been pushing me out of my -queen size- bed.. so.. maybe looking these little devices up might not be a bad idea...

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